is the non-judgemental experience of the here and now – living in the present moment

Mindfulness is a word we hear a lot these days. What does it actually mean? The state of being active and accepting of the present moment. Non-judgement of the here and now. There are many techniques available. We have many reasons for wanting mindfulness in our lives and not all of them have to be spiritual.

How do we accomplish this in our every day lives? We see dozens of memes online with parents and their children: the child has a blissfully clear mind, while the parent’s thought bubble is crammed with chaos. How can we do to cultivate mindfulness in our own lives? What is the goal of mindfulness?

What you’ll find in this section:

Here we’ll seek out resources for cultivating mindfulness. Techniques for daily routines and little reminders to slow down and enjoy the present. To observe it without judgement.

‘We’re so busy watching out for what’s ahead of us that we don’t take time to enjoy where we are.’
-Calvin and Hobbes