can be found in simple things, a warm breeze, a smile, a bird flying by. But what is happiness? Each person may give a slightly different answer, but in the end it comes down to some very simple things. We’re on a journey to get down to the bottom of what makes people happy and why. Happiness has been defined as a state of being (mental or emotional) with emotions that range from contentment and intense joy to having a sense that one’s life has meaning and worth. Of course the top experts in the field of happiness were consulted: we discovered that once again, kids really do have all the right answers.

What you’ll find in this section:

The paths to happiness are as plentiful as the stars. Some people find it through meditation, others through sports. Others still through self expression, like music or art. Many people find it in helping others, sharing their skills or knowledge. Communication is a major element to finding happiness. We all need a little work in this department, so we’ll talk about that here too.

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True happiness and satisfaction in our work, studies, or hobbies. Things we all strive for, but only a few seem…