Another major key to finding happiness: well-being is a stepping stone on the long path to happiness. But what is it exactly? Finding comfort in who you are and your direction in life. This includes the people in your life and how you live. Your quality of life is your well-being. Lots of aspects, both mental and physical, go into this part so it’s good to create a clear direction of what works well for you. Are you healthy? Do you maintain a good diet and regular exercise and sleep? How comfortable are your with yourself? Everyone has individual needs and no one way is ‘the right way’.

What you’ll find in this section:

We’ll cover different methods for keeping your body, mind and ‘spirit’ happy, healthy and reaching for the ultimate state of well-being. There are a variety of ever-changing paths you can follow to find your happiness.

Flow - fulfilled and engaged - Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi -
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True happiness and satisfaction in our work, studies, or hobbies. Things we all strive for, but only a few seem…