Are you serious about finding happiness? Interested in learning from a variety of techniques that can benefit you and those you care about? You don’t have to go searching for happiness alone. We’ve gathered reviews and listings for courses to take from around the world. There are dozens of institutions, workshops and courses you can take to help get you on the right path towards happiness. You can take part in studies at universities or go on retreats in nature. The range of options is endless, much like the paths to happiness. Teachers, gurus, professors, religious and community leaders, among others, can offer a lot of advice for your pursuit to happiness.
What you’ll find in this section:
Here we will discuss on-going courses to take and give reviews about past ones. The range of institutions available can be a welcoming site or overwhelming, here you can find the resources that suit you best for finding your personal happiness.

Flow - fulfilled and engaged - Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi -
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True happiness and satisfaction in our work, studies, or hobbies. Things we all strive for, but only a few seem…