LBGTQ communities and other alternative lifestyles have opened the world of sexuality into a more public view. The word is more of a tangled maze of meanings now than a simple straight line. Where do all these labels come from and why are they deemed necessary for people’s happiness? Sexuality is a powerful driving factor in most people’s lives. They strive for acceptance and a sense of belonging, in this most intimate and often hidden part of their lives. Sexuality is more than just having sex or being any one of the dozens of options for sexual preferences. It’s a route to finding a place in life. Acceptance is a major key to finding happiness and since sexuality is another key element for finding happiness it’s important to discuss how and why it brings that into our lives.

What you’ll find in this section:

Here we discuss various sexual orientations and lifestyles people have and live. We also look at why that is and share personal stories of overcoming hardship.